High School Meets Technology

the times they are a-changin'
- Bob Dylan

The past year or so has seen a revolution in education. The combination of technological advances associated with the Internet and the online medium's spirit of openness has been grasped by innovative educators to produce a suite of free, quality courses made available to the world.

Dubbed "The Year of the MOOC" by The New York Times 2012 saw the birth and proliferation of a large number of Massive Open Online Courses produced by leading professors on a huge range of subjects. To date MOOCs have generally been focused on providing college level education, however there are plenty of reasons why their methods could easily serve a high school audience.

How Technology Can Transform High School:

  • Learning takes place at the time, place and pace that suits each individual student. No one is held back, no one is left behind.
  • Students follow a personalized learning journey, engaging them much more than institution-driven curricula.
  • Learning is delivered in bite-sized chunks that can be re-visited as often as necessary to re-inforce their message.
  • Online learning can supplement attendance at a conventional high school as well as provide an alternative for those who don't fit that particular mould.
  • Technology enables students to find and benefit from personalized tuition - either online, or from qualified local tutors.
  • Technology can enable students to find (or form) local groups for study support and/or friendship.

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
- John Dewey